• Orthopaedic consultation
  • Lameness work up
  • Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound

Fracture Repair 

  • Pin and wire
  • Plate and screws
  • Anatomic plates
  • External Skeletal Fixation


  • Ulna Osteotomy
  • Ununited Anconeal Process 

Ligament Repair (achilles/patella tendon)

  • Primary repair and transarticular skeletal fixation
  • Placement of Vetlig prosthetic ligament

Soft Tissue Procedures


  • Consultation
  • Ultrasound examination

Head and neck

  • Rostral maxillectomy
  • Feline Squamous Cell Carcinoma resection
  • Cherry Eye surgery
  • Entropian surgery
  • Salivary Mucocoele surgery
  • Mandibulectomy (hemi/rostral)
  • Excision of Salivary neoplasia

Abdominal/body wall

  • Liver lobectomy
  • Nephrectomy
  • Cystotomy
  • Perineal urethrostomy
  • Perineal hernia
  • Body wall repair

If there is a soft tissue procedure you would like to refer that isn't on the procedure list please do enquire to see if we can help.